Married Couple from Kljuc nurtures B&H Tradition in Toronto (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]After their life in Kljuc turned into a nightmare back in 1992, couple Smajic found their happiness in distant Canada, where from the memories on B&H they took the most beautiful parts, culture and tradition.

Although physically far away from their homeland, Mirsad and Ismeta kept in their hearts love for their homeland and customs with which they grew up and shared these emotions with everyone abroad.

“Since our arrival in Canada, my Ismeta and I wanted to do something to promote our cultural traditions and our traditional cuisine,” said Mirsad Smajic.

“Upon our arrival in Toronto with large population of B&H citizens, we joined promoting of our culture in the Culture and art associations that already existed and worked successfully within the framework of the Bosnian Islamic community Gazi Husrev Beg,” explained Mirsad.

He added that, after the renovation of premises of the community in 2013, they got a room that they have decided to rearrange as Bosnian room.

With its beauty and warmth, Bosnian room thrilled many Canadians, who are regularly visiting it with a desire to learn more about B&H culture and traditions.

“We greeted our guests in Bosanska room with traditional cakes, among which were served baqlava (traditional cake with walnuts), hurmasice (traditional cakes with sugar toping), tulumbe (traditional sweet cake), tufahije (traditional cake with apples) praised Mirsad, adding that the excitement of the guests was the same as for the room where they were staying.

“It’s great when a man is so far but it feels closer to the culture and tradition in his heart and that makes life richer and more beautiful,” said Mirsad and emphasized that their dedication and results would not have been possible without the enormous help and support of Bosnian Islamic community Gazi Husrev Beg.

(Source: T.Ceric/faktor.ba)

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