Reconstruction of the Bus Station to start by the end of the Year?

Bus Station Reconstruction radiosarajevo.baThe current bus station is certainly one of the first ugly, if not the ugliest picture that tourists see when coming to Sarajevo.

However, the main bus station in Sarajevo might be reconstructed soon and the beginning of works, judging by the officials of Centrotrans, depends on a series of factors on which the officials of Centrotrans, allegedly, cannot influence.

Previous attempts to seriously approach the necessary reconstruction of the main bus station in Sarajevo failed due to political and social reasons.

Centrotrans claims that one of the last attempts to bring partners with whom the new station would be constructed happened just before February 7, 2014. The demonstrations held then and the political-social turmoil deterred the unnamed partner from coming to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Current situation reflects in negotiations led with unnamed partners whose identity is kept a secret by Centrotrans. Having that in mind, the company stated, if everything goes as planned the beginning of works, which also include the demolition of the existing station, might begin in late 2016 or early 2017.

According to Safudin Čengić, the Director Genral of Centrotrans, the partner comes from France; allegedly, the partner owns a famous hotel chain. The mentioned partner is important because, apart from the bus station, Centrotrans intends to build a hotel as well, which requires joint investments.

(Source: klix.ba)

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