Meeting: Al Shiddi interested in further investing in B&H

Čović and Al Shiddi klix.baChairman of the Presidency of B&H Dragan Čović hosted yesterday the director of “Al Shiddi International Group” Sulaiman Al Shiddi.

Čović and Al Shiddi discussed new investment plans which the “Al Shiddi International Group” intends to implement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All Shiddi highlighted that his company is interested in new investments and that, among others, it considers projects in the fields of energetics, construction, industry and tourism.

Furthermore, Al Shiddi pointed out that there is a lot of potential for investing and great projects in B&H. However, before anything is done, certain sectors and infrastructure have to be strengthened in order to facilitate the arrival of investors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially highlighting direct plane flight and visa easements.

Čović highlighted the importance of conversations between potential investors and the state, so that the barriers obstructing the strengthening of investment climate in B&H could be recognized. Creating the strategy of attracting foreign capital and a system that will efficiently work on the elimination of difficulties in implementation of investment process will be a joint task for all authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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