Recount of Votes at 52 Polling Stations?

electionsRecount of votes from the October local elections in BiH at 52 polling stations will start in the Main Counting Centre in Sarajevo.

The beginning of recount is scheduled for 3.00 pm.

Central Election Commission (CEC BiH) yesterday adopted the requirements for recounting votes from the October local elections in 52 polling stations.

The CEC rejected the growing number of complaints and requests for a recount as unfounded, incomplete, or because they were filed by an unauthorized person, as well as several initiatives to cancel the elections, which were judged to be illegal.

At a session in Sarajevo was said that a number of untimely requests for recount came at the address of the CEC BiH arrived.

According to incomplete data, the CEC BiH processed about 250 requests for recount, but a number of them is still in operation.

(Source: oslobodjenje.ba)

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