Reforms equal Economic Growth, equals Quality of life in Brcko


The reform momentum of the last 18 months in the District needs to continue through the pre-election period as it is the best way for those elected to serve the public’s interest, the Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan stated today.

The Supervisor met with Brčko Mayor Siniša Milić, Deputy Mayor Anto Domić, District Assembly Speaker Esed Kadrić, and Deputy Speaker Ivo Filipović. He also held meetings with the Chief of Brčko Police Goran Pisić, representatives of the District Chamber of Commerce, the District Public Administration Reform Coordinator Vesna Mišović, and “STUDEN & CO Holding” Corporate Communications Director Nataša Pucar.

Supervisor Scanlan expressed his expectation that the Law on Associations and Foundations and the Law on the Rights of National Minorities will be adopted that at the next Assembly session, as both are essential to the goals of good governance and social inclusion.

Scanlan applauded last month’s launch of the register of public sector incomes of employees and appointees as it provides the public with an opportunity to judge if the public services provided are requisite with the public funds being expended. The register also helps identify possible conflicts of interest and complements the efforts of the working group that is preparing a new Law on Conflict of Interest to be adopted in the first few months of the newly elected Assembly.

The Supervisor commended the Brčko Port Project Implementation Unit for taking the requisite steps to announce tenders next month related to the modernisation work on the Port, the access railway and road. The District as a whole will benefit from the increased economic activity generated by a modern Port.

Scanlan also welcomed the signing of the MOU tomorrow between the District Government and UNDP to use the 500,000 KM from the Assembly’s last budget rebalance to begin the energy efficiency retrofitting of public buildings in Brčko.

“The effective use of public funds for the good of the community, greater transparency in the expenditure of those funds, and improvements in infrastructure will make the District not only a good place to live but also for businesses to invest, which will bring well-paying private-sector jobs to Brčko. It’s time for the authorities to demonstrate that they can make that happen, including through the creation of free economic zones to facilitate the entry of small and medium-size enterprises to the Brčko market,” stated the Supervisor.

Scanlan urged all Brčko residents to closely observe epidemiological measures issued by the authorities. “As life must go on, this makes it all the more important that every citizen adhere to protective measures – wearing face masks, physical distancing, and washing one’s hands – to protect themselves, their families, and their community from COVID-19,” Scanlan underscored.

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