Reis Kavazović: Mosques and Churches are Treasure of all Citizens of BiH

12516481_1128472720537016_786396809_nHead of the Islamic Community in BiH Husein Kavazović stated today in Foča that he is satisfied with the pace of the reconstruction of the Aladža Mosque, highlighting that he is happy to see that the reconstruction of demolished religious and cultural-historic monuments is well-accepted by all citizens in BiH.

Kavazović noted that the reconstructed Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka will officially be opened on May 7, that works on the reconstruction of the mosque in Čajniče is planned, and that the Aladža Mosque might be completed next year.

Kavazović said that it is difficult to provide funds for reconstruction of mosques, Orthodox and Catholic religious facilities, but that they are being reconstructed in spite of that.

“The Orthodox Church in Mostar is being reconstructed, which is very important to us. Those are our monuments of culture and we must take care of them. To our great joy, we are reconstructing our construction heritage,” said Kavazović, who visited today the construction site of the Aladža Mosque and the Emperor’s Mosque in Foča, whose reconstruction is nearing completion.

President of the Majlis of Islamic Community in Foča Salem Ćemo highlighted that reconstruction of the Aladža Mosque is the biggest and the most demanding project of the Riyasat of Islamic Community in BiH.

Furthermore, Ćemo added that it is estimated that the reconstruction of the Aladža Mosque will cost around eight million BAM, and that works on the reconstruction of the Emperor’s Mosque are nearing completion.

(Source: klix.ba)

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