Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH sends Congratulatory Message on the Occasion of Eid al-Adha

Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, sent his congratulations on the upcoming Eid-al Adha (Kurban-Bajram), which will be marked on August 11th this year.

“With special spiritual enthusiasm, we welcome the tenth Zul-hija, the first day of this year’s Eid-al Adha. On Sunday, August 11th, our joy will be extended to our beautiful country and abroad, and the glorification of Allah will resonate,” Kavazovic said in his congratulatory message.

Kavazovic stated that this holiday reminds us of prophet Ibrahim, the renewer of the covenant around which Jews, Christians and Muslims gather, who seek inspiration and guidance in him and in his life, not only for their own lives but also for the future of the great human family.

The future belongs to the truthful and those who firmly believe in the justice of God because God is on their side and He will help them as He helped prophet Ibrahim and his descendants.

He instructed believers to share joy of Bajram with their neighbors, the spiritual descendants of Ibrahim, as well as with all people, and not to allow evil people to violate their faith in people.

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