Relocation of B&H Mission to NATO in Building ‘Z’ in Brussels approved

NatoOn the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Council of Ministers of B&H made the Decision on approval of multi-year project: ”Moving the mission of NATO partners countries in building ‘Z’ in Brussels.”

The MFA of B&H got the approval to formally accept conditions for financial participation in the reconstruction of the building ‘Z’ and renting premises for accommodation of B&H Mission to NATO.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs got in charge to plan required resources for co-funding of the Security Investment Project within the Document of framework budget for period 2016-2018, as announced from the Information Service of the Council of Ministers.

According to the decisions of member countries, the NATO headquarters in Brussels will be relocated to the new building during 2016/2017, and the new building is in its final stages of construction at the moment.

Members of NATO decided that the mission partner countries, both the aspirants for membership as well as the others, relocate in the building ‘Z’, and that the buildings that NATO rented for the accommodations of these missions until now, return to their original owners.



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