Remains of Three Persons found in the Mass Grave in Vlasenica

At the site of the village Turalići in Vlasenica municipality, the exhumation was completed at three separate locations and incomplete remains of three persons were unearthed.

The skeletal remains found will be transferred to the Tuzla Commemoration Center for further forensic processing and victim identification through DNA sample analysis.

Pursuant to the order of the assigned prosecutor, the investigator of the Special Department for War Crimes of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH directly supervised and coordinated the exhumation process in the area.

Officers of the Institute for Missing Persons of BiH, a doctor – forensic specialist, as well as police officers of the Vlasenica Police Station participated in the exhumation process.

Employees of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH are participating, almost on daily basis, in the search for remains and exhumations of war crimes victims throughout BiH.


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