Rich repertoire of the National Theater of RS for January 2013

After a successful year at the National Theater of RS in Banja Luka and several new theater shows, the repertoire for the first month of 2013 seems very ambitious.  In the second week of January, on the 9th, the theater ensemble will perform the drama ”Gospođa ministarka” directed by Milica Kralj.

In the direction by Vladan Đurković  ”Ukroćena goropad” will be performed on the 12th of January. After a couple of days break, the National Theater RS comes back with the performance of the theater show entitled ” Viktor ili djeca na vlasti”. This theater piece will be performed on the 18th of January in the direction by Filip Grinvald. The second half of January 2013 will be scheduled for another performance of the new theater show called ”Hasanaginica” on the 19th of January.

In the last ten days of January, there will be more than six theater show performances at the National Theater of RS.  Theater drama ”Krivica” directed by Nikola Pejaković will be performed on the 22nd of January, while his drama entitled ”Lijepi, veliki, jaki” will be performed on the 31st of January. After the drama ”Krivica”, Jug Radivojević will present his drama ”Revizor” on the 24th, and Dušan Petrović will stage his drama called ”Razvojni put Bore Šnajdera” on the 25th of January. There will also be a performance of Aleksandar Pejaković’s drama ”Odumiranje međeda” on the 23rd of January.

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