Sanctions to Dodik introduced by the State Department, not the US Embassy

milorad-dodik-696x456“That the United States are an enemy to the Serbian people and the Republika Srpska, I am confident that the following would not happen: Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksadar Vucic, speaking with the US Vice President Biden and the President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, speaking with the US ambassador in Belgrade. The two meetings are happening on the same date when the sanctions to Dodik were made”, says Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak.

Yesterday, Milorrad Dodik called Minster Crnadak, to declare the ambassador of the USA to BiH Maureen Cormack as ‘persona non grata’ and that she should be ‘prosecuted because of the interference in internal political affairs of BiH.

“Dodik’s advisers should have known that  declaring Ambassador undesirable in BiH is not the competence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but the Presidency of BiH,” said Crnadak.

Moreover, he stressed that the sanctions to Milorad Dodik are introduced by the State Department, not the US embassy in Sarajevo.

“The idea to declare Ambassador Cormack as ‘persona non grata’ is unreasonable and completely wrong”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Minister Crnadak adds that the Ministry will continue to work with representatives of the United States in Washington and Sarajevo, because, he says, the US is not the enemy of Serbian people, nor the RS or anybody else in BiH.

(Source: N1)


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