Sanela Jenkins: Donation to Flooded Areas

jenkins sanela dianaSanela Jenkins, a Bosnian woman who lives in the United States of America, a celebrity humanitarian, decided to continue and help her country after the floods that have befallen Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, she decided to donate 200 000 BAM to help endangered areas.

“There are no words with which I can describe the sadness in my heart because of all the peoples who have been endangered by floods in B&H and the region,” says Sanela Jenkins. “I follow the events intensively. People have worked hard all their life in order to provide a glimmer of peace in their homes and are now left without anything.”


Moreover, she adds that it is important to show that, in this misfortune we are together, and that it is not important how much people will give.  The important is to raise awareness in people that we need to be with each other always.


At the same time, this is the continuation of humanitarian activities that this famous woman from Sarajevo performed in the last 15 years.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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