Sarajevo Airport to be opened for the Return of Turkish Citizens


The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Ministry of Security, adopted a Decision approving the temporary opening of an international border crossing Sarajevo Airport for the return of Bosnian citizens from the Republic of Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkish citizens from BiH to Turkey.

The return will be made on April 28, with an international air flight between Istanbul and Sarajevo – Istanbul, and passengers will board at Sarajevo International Airport.

After landing and before departure of the aircraft, passengers are obliged to obey all instructions and orders of the competent authorities in BiH (border, epidemiological and health services).

In this way, the competent authorities in BiH take measures and activities to facilitate flights for humanitarian purposes, as well as the return of BiH citizens from abroad to the country, organized by the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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