Sarajevo based FlyBosnia is taking Bosnian Passengers to Tunisia

FLYBOSNIA is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with a leading Bosnian travel agency Elite Travel for transportation of Bosnian passengers to Tunisia.

By introducing regular lines to the Middle East over the last two months, FLYBOSNIA transported over 16.000 tourists to Bosnia, which significantly contributed to development of Bosnian tourism. Arrival of foreign tourists has a direct impact on income and tax income of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A particular benefit of cooperation with Bosnian travel agencies is that this not only ensures sustainability of jobs, but also encourages new employment.

‘Elite Travel, a Sarajevo based travel agency, with an objective of supporting local economy, has established a cooperation with the FLYBOSNIA airline for a Sarajevo – Monastir charter flight. The young and professional team of FLYBOSNIA airlines has responded to all our requests and we are proud to say that we started a true success story’, stated Ms. Amna Mulabegović-Mosbah, Elite Travel Managing Director.

‘We are pleased to work together with Bosnian tour operators, because this is yet another step forward in terms of development of FLYBOSNIA’, stated Nudžejma Skenderović, founder of FLYBOSNIA.

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