Sarajevo Mayor visited Potocari Memorial Center and paid Tribute to Victims

The Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karic, visited the Potocari Memorial Center on Sunday and paid tribute to the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, the largest massacre in Europe after the Second World War.

She visited the Potocari Memorial Center with her deputies Haris Basic and Anja Margetic.

“Walking between the painful memories of people killed in the genocide, images of their last moments and the suffering of family members that they carry with them all their lives unfolded before my eyes. No one can alleviate that suffering, but what we can and must do is preserve the memory of the victims of genocide every day of the year. That is our duty of civilization “, pointed out Karic.

She also said that she was surprised that there were no funds for the Memorial Center in the budget of the City of Sarajevo for 2021.

“I promised that I would provide funds in the supplementary budget for 2021 and that the City of Sarajevo will help financially and the projects of the Memorial Center for the next four years,” Karic added, BHRT writes.

Photo: Twitter/Anja Margetic

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