Sarajevo under Dense Cloud of Air Pollution


The Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision of the Intervention Plan for Excessive Air Pollution in the Canton of Sarajevo proposes to Canton Sarajevo Government to keep the second episode “alert” in force in all zones.

Another reason is the fact that, according to the weather forecast of the Federal Meteorological Institute, the weather is expected to change on Tuesday, with precipitation and low winds.

Take a look how the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina looks like from Trebevic Mountain.

The most polluted air on Sunday is in and around Sarajevo. The measuring station at the United States Embassy measured the air quality index 383 – dangerous.

The index measured at Bjelave is 373 – dangerous, at City Hall it is 327 – dangerous, and on Otoka it is 264 – very unhealthy. Patients with pulmonary disease and heart disease, pregnant women, children and the elderly must avoid any activity while staying outside.

According to AirVisual measurements, BiH’s capital is once again ranked among the world’s most polluted capital cities. According to the table of the most polluted capitals, Sarajevo is in second place, with India Delhi at the top.

On Friday, the measurement of the Swiss AirVisual.com, a network that collects data from 10,000 measuring stations around the world, at one point, just before 11pm, showed that Sarajevo’s air quality index was even dangerous, measuring 401.


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