Sarovic: We are watching the same Games for the fifth Time

President of Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) Mirko Sarovic points out that after the visit of Matthew Palmer, the US Secretary of State’s special envoy, it is completely clear that he (Palmer) was neither interested in Milorad Dodik’s idea of moving the BiH embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem nor in Zeljko Komsic’s initiative to put the recognition of Kosovo on the agenda.

“It is obvious that Palmer knows very well that these are only domestic affairs, political games designed for short-term use, and everyone in this country knows the final outcome of such Dodik’s ‘initiatives’,” said Sarovic.

He emphasizes that nothing will happen except that in the next two months, those for and against both stories will be counted, and in the Republika Srpska, another decision on the vital national interest is probably forthcoming.

“We are watching the same games for the fifth or sixth time, and whether we have understood what it is really about – that is another question,” concluded the president of the Serbian Democratic Party.

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