SDP Party: The Arrest of Fatih Keskin is an Act of genuine Terror against the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina


“The Social Democratic Party (SDP) of BiH condemns the arrest of professor Fatih Keskin, which was carried out by institutions under the apparent political control of the SDA Party according to the classic totalitarian pattern. The arrest of a person who has lived and worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina for over twenty years and educated generations of Bosnians is the best example of what the SDA considers a threat to the system they have established,” SDP Party stated in the press release on Thursday.

It seems not enough for the SDA and its coalition followers to be the main culprits behind the displacement of thousands of educated fellow citizens. Now, foreign experts are also arrested, educated individuals who came to Bosnia and Herzegovina to contribute to the education of our youth. Otherwise, if he opposes such treatment, we urge the SDA to keep away from this shameful act and to condemn the arrest of a man who, according to his biography, is a genuine threat only to ignorance and monotony.

SDP BiH wants to make it clear that constitutions and rules of foreign countries are neither enforced nor imposed, whether Turkey, Serbia, Croatia or any other country, to Bosnia and Herzegovina. All those who submit to the interests of foreign states are the true enemies of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The act of actual kidnapping of professor Keskin and his unjustified labeling of a threat to Bosnia and Herzegovina is an act of genuine systemic terror that terrifies all residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We all, therefore, need to ask ourselves who can be the next marked citizen to be detained, investigated and imprisoned as a threat to the SDA-friendly system, without indictment and defense.

We invite the competent authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to respond on the basis of which findings and procedures, after twenty years, have concluded that professor Keskin poses a threat to the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

It is clear to us, within the SDP, as well as to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that it is a politically motivated persecution ordered from abroad, whose perpetrators cannot be called anything other than servants of the foreign system.

It is clear that this is a political persecution of professor Keskin because of his individual political views, unprecedented in democratic societies.

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