Serb and Bosniak Neighbors are building an Orthodox Church together near Sanski Most

As much as politicians tried to prove that living together in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is not possible, citizens, guided by everyday life and the struggle for survival, are building new and rebuilding old broken ties.

One such example is the one in the village of Donja Tramosnja, near Sanski Most, where returnees are building an Orthodox church. The locals in that village have never had their own place of worship, which has always been their wish, so they recently decided to make that wish come true.

Despite the fact that a small number of pre-war residents returned to the village, the love for their birthplace is very strong, so the locals who now live scattered around the world organized and set to work. It didn’t take them long to raise the necessary funds, and then a dilemma arose regarding people who should be engaged in the construction of this facility.

Guided by the sentence that the neighbor is the priority, they offered a job to builders from Kijevo, a neighboring Bosniak village, and these days the contours of the building, which will be one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in this area, are already being indicated.

Everyone who visits this vivid village can witness the unusual image of Serbs and Bosniaks, who are building a church together, in peace and harmony, committed to their work. This is an example that shows how anything is possible when normal people come together, and that everyday life and common issues break down barriers and barriers among ordinary people.

The fact that Serbs and Bosniaks are doing something together maybe should not be pointed out, but in a deeply divided society, such as ours, this is news that deserves attention. The time we live, unfortunately, was created by deep divisions, disagreements, and misunderstandings of political elites, as well as social stagnation in general, and in such a state ordinary people suffer the most, Nezavisne writes.


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