Serbia will allocate over 10 Million Euros for Municipalities in Republika Srpska

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated today that Serbia will allocate from 10 to 12 million euros of aid for the municipalities of Kozarska Dubica, Kostajnica, Nevesinje and Drvar.

“Serbia will allocate more than 10 million euros in aid for four small municipalities, three in the Republika Srpska and one in the Federation of BiH,” Vucic said after a meeting in Kozarska Dubica with Republika Srpska officials and mayors of the four municipalities.

He added that part will help be in cash and part in projects. “Our goal and interest is for people to stay and live in their homes, and in every way we, as Serbia, will help people to live better and to be able to see the future in their homes,” said Vucic.

“We are in a better situation because of the possibility to attract foreign direct investments, that is again because of the overall political situation and everything else. So something is easier for us, “said Vucic.

He congratulated the leadership of the Republika Srpska, which in such political conditions manages to ensure the normal functioning of the budget and everything else.

“I am used to much easier conditions, to a much simpler situation. So, it is easier for us to create a surplus in the budget and to achieve good economic results “, said Vucic.

He added that in the coming period, Serbia and Republika Srpska will jointly build a large memorial complex in the area of ​​Donja Gradina, so that every Serb, wherever he lives, knows that he must visit the place of the Jasenovac victims.

“We will invest serious money. Serbia the most, but also Republika Srpska. It is very important for us, because the culture of remembrance, the one who does not have, cannot have the strength in the future “, said Vucic.

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