Sessions of the House of Representatives of FB&H Parliament in Sarajevo Today and Tomorrow

parliamentFB&H Parliament has announced sessions of House of Representatives in Sarajevo today and tomorrow.

Amendments to the current laws in the judicial sector are in the proposed agenda, more specifically, the law on the protection and treatment of children and juveniles in criminal proceedings, as well as amendments to the Criminal Code.

Set of laws from the field of health is also announced in terms of amendments to the law on health insurance of FB&H, as well as the proposal on amendments to the law in transplantation of organs and tissues for therapeutic purposes and the law on infertility treatment by biomedical assisted method.

The draft law was announced on the protection of the population from infectious diseases and the resolution on the improvement of transplantation medicine in the FB&H is proposed.

The new proposed law on inspections of FB&H and amendments to the law on registration of business facilities are in the procedure, as well as the new Federal law on gambling.

The draft law on the public institutions for education and acceptance of children and minors in Sarajevo is in process, then the laws on environmental protection of FB&H.

(Source: Fena)

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