Seven New Cases of Coronavirus Infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the last 24 hours, 213 laboratory samples were tested in Republika Srpska entity, and coronavirus was confirmed in seven persons, according to RS Institute for Public Health.

Three people, who were positive for coronavirus, have passed away, namely older men from Banja Luka, Kozarska Dubica and Knezevo, who had several chronic associated diseases.

Four newly infected people are from Banja Luka, two from Kotor Varos and one from Novi Grad.

So far, 1.371 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in that Bonsian entity, and 107 people have died.

In the RS, 791 people have recovered from coronavirus so far, and 24.841 have been tested.

The total number of hospitalized persons with confirmed presence or suspicion of the presence of coronavirus in RS is 140, at the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska 53, and in hospitals 87 patients.

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