Seventh Year in a Row, Students from Konjevic Polje do not have the Right to Study in Bosnian Language

The new school year for about 130 Bosniak students from Konjevic-Polje in Republika Srpska will begin on September 2nd at the Education Center in Nova Kasaba and this is the seventh year since parents have been fighting for their children’s right to study a national group of subjects and to study in Bosnian language.

The president of the Parents’ Council from Konjevic-Polje, Muhizin Omerovic, said that classes in Nova Kasaba begin at the same time as in Sarajevo Canton because they are part of their educational system.

“The education system in Republika Srpska is exclusive because our children do not exist in their curriculum,” Omerovic said, adding that the Parents’ Council sued the RS Ministry of Education and Culture for denying students the right to study Bosnian.

Parents of Bosniak students from Konjevic-Polje protested their inability to exercise their rights from October 9th, 2013 to February 1, 2014, stayed in a makeshift tent in front of the Office of High Representative building in Sarajevo to receive an answer from the international community.

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