Significantly more Tourists in the National Park “Una”

13453061_1206716359379318_478686965_oTourism is an increasingly significant source of income in the Una-Sana Canton, and that is proven by the increase in the number of visitors to the National Park “Una” by 20 percent in the first five months of 2016.

Natural beauties of the National Park “Una” are attracting more and more tourists from all around the world. Judging by the data of the national park, the Una River and its waterfalls are increasingly often included in the lists of potential tourist destinations.

“After first five months of this year, all parameters show that interests of both individual and collective visitors and tourists in the national park are increasing. There are more and more organizers and tourist agencies that offer a visit to the National Park ‘Una’. According to current data, we are recording 20 percent more visits by tourists than in the same period last year,” said Amarildo Mulić, Director of the National Park “Una”.

Although a significant increase in the number of tourists is recorded in the first five months, the number is somewhat lower in June.

“This month we are recording fewer visits because of two reasons. Firstly, weather is changing and rain falls quite often, which certainly influences the mood and movement of tourists in general. Secondly, the arrival of the month of Ramadan also influences the number of visits by both domestic and foreign tourists, primarily those from the Middle East and the Gulf countries, who are more and more present in the national park lately,” Mulić said.

In 2015, the National Park “Una” was visited by more than 50.000 visitors, according to the number of paid tickets, which makes that year the most successful year so far. However, that number is expected to be exceeded this year.

“According to our projections, at the peak of the season, in July, August and September, there should be a lot of visits and we hope that this year we will have a record season when it comes to the visits to the National Park ‘Una’,” Mulić said.

If that happens, the level of hospitality services and amenities must be further increased, Mulić said, adding that in this sense there is a substantial growth in the number of investments by domestic population, and foreign investors are also interested in investing. In addition, Mulić said that investments must be made in road infrastructure, especially towards the visitors’ zone Štrbački buk.


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