Silhouettes of hanged People installed in Centre of Sarajevo


The AntiDayton Association set up an unusual installation in front of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, made up of the silhouettes of hanged people, Avaz news portal reports.

As it was explained, it is a matter of marking the place where the Ustasha regime of the then Independent State of Croatia carried out a mass execution of residents of Sarajevo a few days before the liberation of the city.

According to the Association, the installation was set up on the occasion of the announced Mass for Bleiburg, which should be held on May 16 in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sarajevo.

“At the very beginning, we want to point out that our reaction is not aimed at holding the Mass itself as a religious customs. Masses in Sarajevo and other cities of BiH take place without any problems or incidents, and that was the case during the aggression in besieged Sarajevo. However, what distinguishes this mass announced for May 16 from others, is that it is held in the name of criminals and dedicated to fascist lines that have only corpses left behind – the association said.

They reminded of the unreasonable hanging of civilians in Sarajevo, which was committed on March 28, 1945, on the orders of the Ustasha administrator of Sarajevo, Maks Luburic. At that time, 55 citizens of Sarajevo were killed at Marijin-Dvor.

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