SIPA Police acted on an International Arrest Warrant, One Person arrested in Tuzla

Kadefa Muhic, the sister of Behudin Husic from Srebrenica, who was arrested today in a SIPA operation in Srebrenik, involved the Tuzla Canton Prosecutor’s Office in the whole case, after which they called from this institution, presenting new details.

According to the spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Tuzla Canton, Admir Arnautovic, members of the BiH Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) acted on an international arrest warrant issued on the basis of an order of the Bijeljina District Court, and Husic was arrested.

“Given that the arrest took place in the area of ​​local jurisdiction of this Prosecutor’s Office, SIPA members informed the duty prosecutor. As there was a suspicion that Husic possessed a weapon in his house, an oral order was requested from the Srebrenik Municipal Court, with the prior approval of the prosecutor “, stated Arnautovic.

According to him, on the basis of an oral order of the Municipal Court in Srebrenik, the facility was searched, and during the search, two disposable rocket launchers, without ammunition were found.

Arnautovic also stated that Husic was arrested in a case not conducted by the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Tuzla, but by the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bijeljina, emphasizing that the duty prosecutor of TC did not issue any arrest warrant, but was only informed and contacted for consent. for an oral search warrant on suspicion that Husic possessed a weapon.

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