So far, 90,000 BiH Citizens have received at least One Dose of Vaccine

Immunization of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina continued today and so far, about 90,000 BiH citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Mostly they are the most endangered – health workers, the chronically ill and our oldest citizens.

Mass immunization will also wait for the arrival of larger quantities of vaccines. We expect more than 100,000 doses of vaccine next week, and there are new donations.

In BiH, 340 newly infected, 28 people died

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 340 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered, and another 28 people died as a result of the virus.

In the past 24 hours, 1,726 samples were reported to the Public Health Institute of the Federation of BiH, among which 172 were positive for coronavirus.

“Citizens are really interested in vaccinations, which we are glad about. What we are not happy about is that, unfortunately, we do not have a sufficient number of vaccines “, says Ines Popovac, spokesperson for the Mostar Health Center.

About 18,000 people, including health workers, have been vaccinated in Sarajevo Canton so far. From the last donation from China, they received about 6 thousand doses of Sinopharm vaccine, which is enough for only about 3 thousand citizens.

Immunization in this canton will wait a little longer until some more serious quantities of vaccine arrive in our country, and that should be soon, because the delivery of more than 100 thousand doses of Pfizer vaccine from the Covax mechanism has been announced next week.

And while we are waiting for the delivery of more than a million paid doses of vaccine, Croatia has decided to donate 50 thousand doses to countries in the region – 30 thousand for BiH, and 10 thousand for Montenegro and Kosovo.

The approval of the Medicines Agency is still awaiting Pfizer’s vaccines, which arrived from Austria, and Sinopharm’s, which Republika Srpska bought directly. But that, unfortunately, is still insufficient for mass immunization and collective immunity, Federalna.ba writes.

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