Solana Tuzla Had 1,32 Million KM Profit Last Year

solana_TZThe company Solana Tuzla had a net profit of 1,32 million KM last year, which is a better result than the previous year with a profit of 1,05 million KM, shown in a revised business report published in daily newspaper, according to portal

Last year, Solana had a total revenue of 27,5 million KM, which is less than in 2011 when revenues amounted to 28,8 million KM. Expenses amounted to 26,2 million KM in comparison to 27,8 million KM in 2011.

The company has a capital of 29,9 million KM, long-term liabilities amounted to 8,2 million KM, and short-term at 7,5 million KM.

Solana has 506,279 issued shares of nominal value of 70,20 KM, and owners with more than 5 percent of securities are ZIF Bonus Sarajevo and Jasmin Šepo Sarajevo.


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