Spasoje Vasilic in his 82nd Year of Life jumped out of a Plane

Spasoje Vidic from Derventa, 82, fulfilled his life dream and jumped out of a plane at 3.000 meters of altitude.

This retiree hunts and fishes, loves speed and jokes. This active older man didn’t show any fear in the sports airport Urije in Prijedor. As he says, he’s been planning the jump a long time.

“I had a wish to do it and now it’s fulfilled. It was nice. It’s nice to look down, I was glad to have come, to be healthy. I feel normal, like I didn’t go anywhere. I should’ve jumped 10 years ago, then five years ago, and that was always my wish,” he said for AA.

Such jumps are possible for children as young as 14 but the upper age limit isn’t defined and, according to experts, people can jump as long as they’re healthy. Rade Cajic, a pilot with 41 years of experience, has 3,400 jumps and 500 tandem jumps behind him.

Cajic is very happy he had the opportunity to fly Vaslic, considering his age.

“The experience of this jump is impossible to describe. That fact and that opportunity for the brain to order the muscles to take you out of that safe space in the airplane into the free space of free fall, that is perfect.”

After the jump with Vasilic, he added that the jump was much better than he had hoped for and that Vasilic was much firmer than most younger jumpers.

(Source: N1.ba)


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