Special Spirit of Sarajevo even 95 Years ago: Watch the Video from 1920

Sarajevo 1920 photobucket.comA video titled “Sarajevo 1920” was published on YouTube. The video lasts for seven minutes, and shows the now old part of the city, from Skenderija to Bascarsija.

Although the video is black and white, it was done cinematically, so it is possible to recognize everything recorded 95 years ago.

The video shows buildings, from the former Evangelical church and the present-day Academy of Fine Arts, to the City Hall, mosques, and even railway through Bistrik, where the railway station Bistrik was located, on the slopes of Trebevic. The Clock tower and Bey’s Mosque are also recorded.

In the video, one can see how the neighborhoods of Sarajevo looked back at that time, how did the Shore look, how it was traded, and how did the people of Sarajevo dress nearly 100 years ago.

(Source: klix.ba)

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