Spectacular Opening of Sarajevo Vijećnica

1The official opening ceremony of the renovated Sarajevo Vijećnica took place last night with an animated performance at the building of Vijećnica in honor of the renovation and reopening of this symbol of culture and knowledge.

This performance is conducted by a team of young artists from B&H, part of Knap studio. It is a creative piece that represents a combination of art and contemporary technology, a very important and innovative technique in the world nowadays, know as a 3D video mapping projection.

3D mapping projection is a method of mapping two -dimensional images into a three -dimensional plan, and involves the use of computer graphics and superior technical equipment.

Seven young artists divided into two teams worked for the realization of this project.

Beside Sarajevo philharmonic orchestra, many soloists and artists, as well as 200 B&H young artists participated in the opening program of Sarajevo Vijećnica.

300 officials, among which were the highest representatives of the political and social life of B&H, and representatives of the international community attended this important event.


(Source: Fena)

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