String Quartet “Real Vocal String Quartet” preformed in Zenica

The American quartet “Real Vocal String Quartet” performed last night in front of the audience in Zenica. The quartet entertained the audience at the City Museum in Zenica.

“Real Vocal String Quartet” is a contemporary string quartet from San Francisco. Its members are performers with classic string forms as the basis for the innovative strict performance that always impress the listeners. The City Museum hall was full of visitors who were indeed impressed by the music of the ” Real Vocal String Quartet”

The last night’s mini concert was opened by Anne Sunshine from the American Attaché for Culture and Education of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who said: ” It is really an honor to be here tonight and to have the opportunity to introduce you to the ” Real Vocal String Quartet” from San Francisco. With these and similar programs, the American Embassy is trying to build cultural understanding between these two countries and I am really happy to see the string quarter performing with the local group called ” Balkaneros””.

The ” Real Vocal String Quartet” consists of Irene Sazer and Alisa Rose on the violins, Dina Macabbee playing viola, and Jessica Ivry on the cello. They performed mainly their own songs or reworked pieces by popular authors from around the world.

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