Students attending Faculty of Psychology in Visit to Court of BiH

A group of 54 students of psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of Sarajevo University today visited the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The purpose of the visit was that students get informed about the work of the Witness Support Section of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the introductory part, the students were welcomed by the Legal Adviser to the President and Head of the Public Information and Outreach Section of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which the Witness Support Section representative presented the students the way in which the support teams operate, and informed them about certain situations with which they have faced on a daily basis while providing support to both public and protected witnesses.

The students were also provided with an opportunity to view video-recordings from hearings held before Section I for War Crimes of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The students showed a great interest in learning more about the way in which Witness Support Section operates and its activities, posing numerous questions to this effect, about the work with and treatment of this vulnerable group of people, how to facilitate their experience of testifying before the Court, and how to give them support prior to and after their testimony.


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