Residents of Sarajevo to revive Tradition of Sledding down Trebevic Mountain

Today from 12 o’clock, residents of Sarajevo and tourists will have the opportunity to have fun and remember the past times when the young and old ones were sledding down the Trebevic mountain.

For several decades, it is a tradition in Sarajevo, as soon as snow falls down, everyone takes the sled and goes to the main streets, mainly from Osmica and Trebevic along Sirokaca and Bistrik.

This old Sarajevo custom can again be experienced on Saturday, January 12th, beginning at 12 noon.

The start is from the upper station (Ramo Biber) on Trebevic’s cable car, and the break will be made at Colina Kapa where everyone can enjoy and warm up with free tea and beans.

As a reminder, for BiH citizens, the ticket price for Trebevic cable car in one direction is 4 BAM, a return ticket is 6 BAM, while for foreigners, the price is 15 BAM in one-direction and a return of 20 BAM.

Winter discounts are available for, students, retirees and people over the age of 65 and for them the price of the ticket is 3 BAM.




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