Success: 23 Years Old Bosnian Leila Agic in Municipal Council of Molenbeek

Leila Agic is an ambitious 23-years-old woman, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She achieved a great success in local elections in Belgium as she is a member of the Municipal Council of Molenbeek, one of the municipalities of the capital city of Brisel.

Socialist Party (PS) achieved the best result in Molenbeek by winning 31.3 percent of votes, which brought them 17 seats in the local council.

Among the 17 elected councilors is Leila Agic, who, according to the results so far, won 663 votes.

The second place in this local community was taken LB list, which won 23.9 percent of votes and secured 13 seats in the council.

Agic’s family moved to Molenbeek in 1994, where they currently live. Agic is currently studying Political Science at the University of Brussels where she should graduate soon.

When it comes to politics, Agic says she started to be interested in politics when she was 16 years old and when she worked with former French presidency candidate France Segolene Royal.

Currently, Agic is president of the Young Socialist Party (PS).



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