The Success of Edin Branković in Seoul!

12722480_1127381317312823_958869389_oEdin Branković, senior representative for BiH in Short Track Speed Skating, performed at the World Championships which was held between March 11th and 13th in Seoul, South Korea.

The competition brought together 51 of the best short track speed skaters from 31 countries from around the world, Edin finished an impressive 25th in the 1500 meters. On day one, he narrowly missed out on qualifying for the semi-finals in this race, which he compensated for in day two when he placed first in the ranking race and qualified right after the semi-finalists in the 1500m. The result of day two was fantastic and is so far the best placement in senior world competitions.

With this performance, Edin confirmed his quality and remained high on the ranking of the best short track speed skaters in the world. If he was just slightly faster he would have qualified for the finals and climbed to the top.


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