Take a Look how Dino Merlin’s spectacular Concert looked like (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Last night, Dino Merlin stood in front of full Koševo stadium for the 4th time and 70,000 fans welcomed him with a thunderous applause.

He started the concert with the song “Shell” and at the very first sound of the music, Koševo started to scream. The crowd sang in one voice.

When the song “When a man loves a woman” started, the audience illuminated the stands with their phones. Everyone wanted to record a beautiful stage.

“Are you all right? Are you ready to hear, to see, are you ready to feel what can do the love …,” said Merlin.

Great scenography graced the stage last night, and Dino and Mahir even danced. After the song “Emergency” the audience screamed “Dino, Dino,” and the whole stadium sang, “Good night, my little Barbie,” in one voice.

“I missed all of you, I haven’t been here for seven years. It’s a long time even for turtles, not to mention the people. There is no greater gathering in Europe, we are here alone in the darkness, united in the same. I was thinking why do you all like my songs, and the answer is that in my songs, I send a message that I love you,” as Merlin thanked everyone who came to the concert after which followed the song “Missing you.”

Neither rain nor slightly lower temperature than in the previous day managed to stop a huge number of fans from all over the B&H, region and the world to be on the largest B&H stadium last night.

After seven years, Dino Merlin sang again in front of a full Koševo Stadium. At the very beginning he promised that this will be a great concert and a great spectacle.



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