Take a look at the First Public Underground Garage in Stari Grad Sarajevo (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] In the Municipality of Stari Grad soon should start the construction of the first public underground garage.

Garage should be built in Avdage Sahinagica Street, in an area that is located across the City Hall, according to the website of the Municipality of Stari Grad.

Although there were some allegations that the construction should start in late August or early September, from the municipality stated differently.

“Public procurement is currently taking place. When public procurement procedure is completed it will be known when the construction of the underground garage will start,” said from the Service for investment of the Municipality Stari Grad.

From the Service stated that the public procurement procedure is expected to be completed soon.

Parcel on which the garage will be built has an area of about 3,500 m2 and the underground garage will have 2 floors, and total usable area will be about 5,000 m2 (4,958.10 m2). Usable area of the underground garage at the level -1 will be 2467.30 m2, and at the level -2 it will be 2,490.80 m2. Public toilet will be built at the first level. According to the execution project, underground garage will have two floors with 155 parking spaces, and dimensions of the building will be 54.30 x 48.60.

The above-ground part is planned as multi-purpose square on which public events will be held. On the square will be built a park with green areas and children’s playground. The square will be paved and the stage for the maintenance of cultural and entertainment will be set as well.

On the square, which will be the largest in the Canton Sarajevo, will be installed fountains as well.

The value of the project is approximately 10 million BAM.


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