Teams of Volunteers to provide Assistance to Elderly in Sarajevo

The Civil Protection Service, in cooperation with the Municipal Council and Local Self-Government Service, and the Municipal Organization of the Red Cross Novo Sarajevo, has formed teams of volunteers who, together with secretaries of Novi Sarajevo local communities, will provide assistance, support to elderly and vulnerable populations.

These teams will start working on March 19 and will carry out the announced activities every working day, from Monday to Friday. Vulnerable categories of the population are instructed to call the local communities in whose area they live.

Secretaries of local communities will receive calls and keep records of the expressed needs of vulnerable residents in the period from 8.00 to 16.00, about which they will inform the teams, which will work in the field from 9.00 to 13.00. After 1 p.m., only one emergency team will work.

Recorded needs that are recorded after 13.00, and do not fall under emergency interventions, will be realized in the next working day. The list of volunteers of the Red Cross Novo Sarajevo by local communities was published on the website of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo (www.novosarajevo.ba).

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