The drama “Ludi od ljubavi” in Kamerni teatar 55

The drama ”Ludi od ljubavi”( Fool for Love) will be performed at Kamerni Teatar 55, on the 24th December. The performance of this drama will start at 20:00 p.m.

This drama is the authorial theater piece by Sam Shepard. From the title itself one may assume the essential theme of the drama. It is the story about two young people that are fatally attracted to one another. Their relationship is destructive so May the main female character wants to free herself from the impossible love story and to begin a normal and healthy life. But, her plans are impossible because Edi, the main male character, is coming back to her life and starting a volcano of passion. Their love story is also socially unacceptable and that further complicates their relationship. This is also a story about freeing oneself from the set moral codex and the desire to search for love, happiness and safety of the passion to which all human beings strive for.

This drama is the first directorial work by Ajla Hamzić. It is based on the text by Sam Shepard, and besides Ajla, the roles in the drama are enacted by Vedran Đekić and Admir Šehović. With this drama, Kamerni teatar 55 confirmed its contribution to the affirmation of B&H young artists.

All interested in this drama can make ticket reservations via this telephone number: 550-475.


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