The Government of B&H fulfilled the Objectives of June from Stand-by Arrangement

BevandaB&H authorities have fulfilled the objectives outlined in June as part of stand byarrangement with the International Monetary Fund / IMF / and the reforms within the framework of this program are progressing well, stated the head of IMF Mission to B&H Ron van Ruden after a meeting with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Vjekoslav Bevanda in Sarajevo.

Van Ruden explained a number of good elements, stressing that the domestic economy is showing signs of recovery and improvement, and it is increasing the export.

There are challenges in the execution of the budget for this year and budget planning for 2014. Revenues did not follow the economic growth, there are deficits in the budgets and the goal is that until the end of the year the entities to overcome these issues with certain measures“, said Van Ruden at a press conference.

Bevanda said that at today’s meeting is concluded that has been fulfilled the largest number of objectives that the government agreed with the IMF this June.

We are delighted by statistics that in the first half of the year there has been an economic growth. There are potential fiscal risks that by the end of the year we should avoid at the state and entity level“, said Bevanda.

Delegation of IMF will be in  B&H from 4th to 19th September to discuss as part of the fourth review of the stand byarrangement.

(Source: Indikator.ba)

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