The Guardian writes on Reasons for visiting Sarajevo!

12884642_1133229046728050_1325289175_nThe British newspaper The Guardian made a list of 10 best alternative city breaks in Europe. The prestigious list also features the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“If you wish to experience something entirely new and apart from the renowned destinations, and yet experience a significant culture and beautiful places, take a look at the list we made for 2016,” The Guardian wrote.

According to The Guardian, Sarajevo stands out for its unique history and the significance that it entails in the present time.

“This Bosnian city is often compared to Istanbul. It is a beautiful and diverse city which offers its narrow streets, traditional cafés, the Bosnian coffee and tasty burek. In order to learn about the history of the siege, tourists are recommended to visit the Tunnel of Hope, as well as the museum Gallery 11/07/95 dedicated to the genocide in Srebrenica,” The Guardian wrote.

For art lovers, The Guardian suggests visiting the museum Ars Aevi and the gallery Duplex 100m2, and to all the lovers of beer and good food it is recommended to visit the Alehouse HS.

Apart from Sarajevo, The Guardian also recommends visiting the capital of Malta, Valletta, then Warsaw, Marseille, Dubrovnik, Girona, Bologna, Brno, Tallinn and Graz.


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