The Increase of Foreign Trade between BiH and Slovenia

Today in Ljubljana, Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak and Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia Karlo Erjavec assessed that relations between BiH and Slovenia are good, that there is a series of common interests, the increase of foreign trade was continued, and it recorded a surplus last year for the first-time.

At the meeting, which was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia was noted that Slovenia will continue to support BiH on its path towards the membership in the EU, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

“Minister Crnadak emphasized the commitment of BiH for further strengthening of regional cooperation and promotion of good neighbourly relations, especially regarding the participation in activities of the Berlin Process, the Central European Initiative / CEI /, the South-East Europe Cooperation Process / SEECP /, the Bled Forum etc.,” as noted in the statement.

He also added that BiH is paying attention to political dialogue with the EU and that it is strongly committed to the principles, values and aims on which the EU is based.

Crnadak and Erjavec agreed that BiH and Slovenia are supporting each other when it comes to candidacy in international organizations and solving bilateral issues.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH will participate in the work of “Creative Forum Ljubljana” tomorrow in Ljubljana, which will take place in the organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia and the Union for the Mediterranean.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)


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