The Most Beautiful Cities of the Former Yugoslavia

Mostar 8This part of Europe is slightly less popular, but the fact is that many people are not quite familiar with this region. Some of them might have heard about this place, but have never visited them. However, most of the people who visited at least some of the cities in the region came back.


The largest city and the capital of B&H, with a population of 370,000 citizens, was often called “Jerusalem of Europe”. For a very long period of time, until the end of the 20th century, Sarajevo was the only major city in Europe that had a mosque, a Catholic church, the Orthodox Church and synagogue, almost in the same neighborhood. The city is a great example of its turbulent history, as well as tolerance. When the Western and Eastern Roman Empire separated Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims had to learn how to live together. Although it is not large, Sarajevo is very spirited city, famous for diversities, friendly people and extraordinary food. If you visit Sarajevo, be sure to visit the magical Old Town, the Academy of Fine Arts, Latin Bridge, Yellow Fortress and the City Hall.


Mostar was a city that was shelled the most of all cities in B&H during the war and it suffered serious damages. The most famous is the Old Bridge over the Neretva River in the city center. The bridge was renovated after the war, and original pieces that were drawn from the river were used in its construction. Just like the Old Bridge, a significant part of the city of Mostar was rebuilt and it became lively and beautiful destination again. Ottoman architecture, markets and friendly people make Mostar one of the most beautiful places on the Balkans. Take a walk through the Old Town, do not try to jump off the Old Bridge, take a look at Koski – Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque, sit by the river and order some cevapies and baklava!


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