”The Only Son” in Caffe Club Gogo, Sarajevo

On 9 February at 8 p.m. at Caffe Club Gogo in Sarajevo, Magacin Kabare will present its play ”The Only Son” (Jedinac) starring Moamer Kasumović, Zana Marjanović and Aldin Tucić.

The show is directed by Emir Kapetanović, music is written by Zana  Marjanović and Haris Saračević, costume is done by Gasha Miladinovića and design by Ivan Hrkaš.

The play talks about a family who lost its head, the father, and the harmony of the family is being undermined by his death. In the same time the only son become the head of the family because he had no choice.

Magacin Kabare is a non-profit professional organisation and cabaret-theatrical group, which was founded by famous young artists. Magacin Kabare became the unique place for young artists to express themselves and social events via stand up comedy and theatre plays. Their main focus is political satire and musicals.

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