The Session of the Central Election Commission on Srebrenica is not yet scheduled

The session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina where all members should reach a final decision about the election results in Srebrenica is not yet scheduled. The Appellative Division of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina considered the appeal to the election results of the SNSD political party, and addressed the conclusion with which the request of the ”Coalition of Republika Srpska” for the annulment of the elections in Srebrenica was rejected as inadmissible and sent to the Central Election Commission for further investigation. The decision on this particular matter is still not made.

The Central Election Commission held a session last week in Sarajevo, where there was only one item on the agenda: a consideration of the request of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats and the ”Coalition of Republika Srpska’’ to cancel the elections in Srebrenica. On this session, the Central Election Commission decided by a majority of votes to be on the motion to declare later when they collected all the necessary documents.

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