The Statehood Day in Kakanj: Modern Solar Power Plant officially opened

solarIn the village Caluci near Kakanj, on the occasion of the Statehood Day of B&H, today was officially put into operation a modern solar power plant “Energy” with power 150kW, which enabled Kakanj to achieve trend of renewable energy and to be in the same range with the developed countries of the European Union.

The value of the whole project is about 500,000 BAM, and the idea of the realization of the project originates from 2012, when the owner of Kakanj Petrol, Ferid Caluk, decided to expand the business of his company. The procedures of acquiring permissions lasted for almost 3 years, and works on the installation of solar panels lasted for about a month. In his address, Caluk said that he is hoping that there will be more projects like this and that authorities will help in their implementation.

“Renewable energy is a trend that we can catch up with the developed countries of the EU. I am not referring only on solar energy but on all energy derived from renewable sources. There are numerous advantages of renewable sources, and the most important is they are environmentally friendly, thus we can also achieve the protection of our environment. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this project and I hope that will be more of them. We wanted to get involved in the production of renewable electricity for a longer period of time, and today we have made the first step,” stated Caluk.

(Source: klix.ba)

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