The Story of Bosnian Artist who decorates Walls of Institutions with his Artwork

Edin Sahinovic was born in Zenica back in 1995 but his life took him 20 kilometers upstream to the town of Kakanj, where he is beautifying this city and its institutions with his marvellous artwork.

“I left some of my works in Zenica, but a large number of them is in Kakanj in the high school “Kemal Kapetanovic”. To be honest, I do not know when and how everything started. I like to express myself in a creative way. I used to make cars from carton boxes when I was a child, and I would give them new dimension with my imagination. I sold the first portrait for 5 BAM in high school,” said Sahinovic.

“I’m not perfect, not even close to that, but I would dare to do any kind of project for anybody. I like challenges and projects that I have not tried before. Once you enter this, there is no return. We made a mural on the 40 meters long wall of the hall. Everyone was looking at me and my few companions as if we were professionals, and that is how it turned out. That wall got some nice note back in 2012,” stated Sahinovic.

He did one of the largest mural for the athlete and his neighbour Amel Tuka.

He also did cover pages for books, illustrations for children’s book, and he worked on illustrations in Ilmihal (Islamic book) for children from the 1st to the 3rd grade, which included a total of 120 illustrations.

In the end, he stated that he will give his maximum not only to stay in BiH, but to stay in Kakanj as well.

“My life goal is to have enough money, but to deal with art, but how, I do not know yet. My art does not have to be high-ranked and rewarded, but it has to be honest and true, and everything else will be a craft,” concluded Sahinovic.

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