The Story of Hidalgo: The only Horsemen from Sarajevo at Ajvatovica

The 508th Days of Ajvatovica in our country took place last weekend.

Horsemen, flag carriers and believers from all over BiH, Turkey and entire Europe gathered on Suljaga Mountain, which is located about seven kilometers from the old town of Prusac. According to the legend, the scholar Ajvaz-dedo prayed to God for water for 40 mornings. Believers are visiting this place for five centuries in memory of his prayers thanks to which Prusac got water.

In the procession of horsemen, which is led by a horseman who carries the flag of Ajvaz-dedo, the Horsemen Club Hidalgo from Sarajevo, which is located in Sedrenik, drew a special attention this year.

Group of 20 to 30 horsemen dressed in traditional clothes departed from At Mejdan Park in Sarajevo to Ajvatovica, the largest Muslim pilgrimage site in Europe.

“Our club is the only one from Sarajevo to participate in the manifestation of Days of Ajvatovica. Horsemen, including children, participated in this event in the traditional clothing,” said Sanel Vrazalica, the owner.

Horse riding in Sarajevo is becoming an increasingly popular type of recreation not only for locals, but for tourists as well.

Everyone can visit Hidalgo. They have four-year olds and 75-year-olds learning with them. Vrazalica added that they are giving riding classes in nature (on Cavljak, Bukovik and Barice) for more experienced riders as well.

It was also added that the first exhibition of purebred Arabian horses was held last year in Visoko, and 40 owners presented their horses on that occasion.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)






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