The Story of how a BiH Armed Forces Soldier rescued a Football Player

Semir Sarajkic, a member of the Armed Forces of BiH, is a hero that everyone is talking about in the past few days, not only in Gorazde, but all over BiH.

This young soldier attracted a lot of attention as a football referee who saved the life of a football player from Gorazde, Nedim Kurtovic, thanks to his quick and timely reaction.

All of this happened last Thursday during the football match between Posusje and Gorazde, when Kurtovic stayed on the ground after a strong kick.

While the audience and the player stopped breathing for a moment, Sarajkic came to help Kurtovic and saved his life with a quick and timely reaction.

Kurtovic said that he had a headache tomorrow and he consulted a club doctor.

“I did not go to the hospital because my club doctor stated there is no need for that because I felt okay and there was no dizziness. I played the whole match without any problems already on Sunday,” said this young football player.

“Semir saved my life and I am more than grateful to him, and I talked with the player who hit me before our match in Gorazde on Sunday. I have two new friends from that Thursday,” stated Kurtovic, who managed to win the placement in the First League of the FBiH together with his team.

“After what it seemed like a harmless duel between the two players, I noticed that one of the players stayed on the ground. When I realized what happened, I immediately ran and applied the knowledge on first aid that I acquired in the Armed Forces of BiH and I turned him on the side and pulled out his tongue in order to prevent suffocation. He came to consciousness after my quick reaction, and luckily everything ended well, and a human life was saved,” stated soldier Sarajkic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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